Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Saline Sonogram

Today was the saline sonogram to get a better picture of my uterus essentially.  The procedure is a combination of the HSG and Day 3 ultrasound.  The procedure was uneventful in that there wasn’t much pain or discomfort, although I did have cramping afterwards.   The doctor walked me through everything and even took the time to explain the results to include drawing me a picture.  It looks like I have a polyp so if that is the case I will need to have surgery done to remove it.  I’m waiting for a call from the nurse to find out what the next steps are.  I did do a little research and it looks like it won’t be done till the NEXT time AF comes, so I could be looking at the new year the rate that my periods have been going (slight exaggeration, but close to the truth). 
Seriously, this whole TTC thing is an exercise in patience.  I’m glad I wasn’t planning  on starting to try till January cause it looks like that’s when it would happen even if I didn’t decide to delay it.  Lordy!

Cost today: $20 (copay) (Saline Sonogram)
Cost to date: $1435

Update (11/4/10): The nurse left me a message this morning and there is nothing to do right now.  The doctor will go over my results when I meet with her in 2 weeks and we will decide at that appointment what the next step will be.


Anonymous said...

seriously - there are so many steps, and often complications. its a wonder anyone gets pregnant, as far as I'm concerned!

Tiara said...

There's nothing to prepare you for the waiting involved with TTC!! I feel the same way as kittycorraler, I can't imagine how anyone gets pregnant!!

The Baby Chase Project said...

I know.. TTC is so unpredictable and quite challenging for us SMCs.. Don't give up. It will be worth it in the end.

Single Mom 2b said...

Sounds like you have a very good doctor, I love it when they step you through what's going on (not many actually do). I went through the polyp thing... back in early May I had a small polyp removed and it was pretty non-eventful. I'd be happy to share more on my experience.

Billy said...

Lots of patience.
Glad the saline went relatively without pain or discomfort. Hope you can actualy start ttc in no time.

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