Saturday, September 4, 2010

Calories in calories out

That’s what I keep telling myself over and over again, though lately I have not heeded that sage advice. I was served a double whammy in my getting fit effort this week. My first whammy was the fact that my gym shut down for a week to do maintenance. Apparently it’s a yearly thing, but being new to this gym I was unaware till the day before it closed down. So I am without my gym this week and I hate it. I had gotten into a great routine working out for an hour 5 days a week and now my gym goes and does this to me – the nerve of them! Ok, they didn’t leave me high and dry. They let you go to one of their affiliated gyms in the area, but those gyms aren’t my gym. They are a big whopping 20 minute drive vice my 10 minute drive AND those gyms don’t have my favorite machine. I have become attached to this one machine and I even get a little annoyed when I show up and somebody is using it. I could go for a walk around my neighborhood. That’s how I used to get my exercise in before I became a fan of the gym. But alas, I have not. I know, my excuses are lame, but they sound good in my head. I miss my gym and I’m holding out till it reopens on Tuesday.

My second whammy is PMS. I crave food; sweets in particular. When I PMS I feel like I am out of control with my eating. So I have been binging on just about everything. The scale has not been my friend this week.

You are probably reading this and thinking I am a skinny minnie, but unfortunately I am not. In my head maybe, but in reality no. I started a journey this past April to lose 100 pounds - all before I decided I wanted to become a mom. 40 of those pounds are courteous of my ex getting married mind you; the other 60 from just being lazy. I’ve lost 26 so far to date, so kudos to me, but man it’s taking a long time. I’m averaging 1.25 pounds a week. *Sigh* if only I didn’t like to eat I would lose more. Tuesday is the day I will get back on track. In the mean time here’s hoping I don’t do a ton of damage between now and then.

What does this have to do with being a single mom by choice? Here’s the thing – I am 15 pounds shy of being 200 pounds and my OBGYN made mention to me at my appointment that the RE might tell me to get below 200 before I start anything. That would suck. I mean, I want to lose the weight, but I hate the added pressure that it puts on me to lose it. I suck at pressure with regards to weight loss. Ugh. I guess I will have to wait and see what the RE says. No point in getting worked up about it now.  While I wait however, I'm going to go find myself something to eat!


hopefulcc said...

26 lbs - that's awesome! Keep up the great work!

Faith said...

Thanks hopefulcc! I am tenacios if nothing else and will keep plugging away at losing those pounds. I'm back on track tomorrow.

Bethany said...

Just found your blog. (I am in the tcc phase of SMC-hood). 26 lbs is great!! And a pound a week is the good, healthy way to lose the weight. It shows a change in lifestyle that will stick around, not just a crash diet. You should be very proud of yourself!!

Faith said...

Thanks Bethany! I keep reminding myself that it's a life style change not a diet. It takes dedication for sure. Where in the process are you with your ttc phase?

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