Friday, September 3, 2010

Questions for the doc

In preparation for my visit to see the fertility specialist on Tuesday (9/7) I generated a list of questions.  Not sure I captured everything I need to ask, but it's a start. 

• What procedures are performed during the prescreening? How long does the prescreening test take?
• Does it occur in a single visit or over a series of visits?
• When should I have the prescreening done? That is, how far in advance?
• Day 3 blood work, is that day 3 of the start of my cycle or start of heavy bleeding?
• How far in advance do I need to call to come in to have blood work done?
• Once the prescreening is done how often will I need to come in?
• How will you determine when I am ovulating? Will you do an ultrasound? If so, what is the process and what is the cost?
• Do you recommend me tracking my ovulation? If yes, what is the best way to do so (i.e., basal temp, ovulation kit)? How long should I track?
• Will you prescribe drugs to stimulate ovulation? If so, what kind?

• How much does it cost?
• Can I get a written cost estimate?
• Are there other costs associated with a recommended procedure not mentioned in the price of treatment?
• Is the cost for an IUI the same each time?
• How can I minimize cost?
• Is there anything I can have done by my regular OBGYN that would be covered by my insurance?

Success Rates
• What are my chances of getting pregnant ? Based on my age?
• What can I do to increase my chances that I will get pregnant (i.e., certain foods, exercise, etc.)?
• What is the typical number of attempts for IUI before it is successful?

Sperm Donor
• What aspects should I consider when looking at a sperm donor?
• Is there a sperm bank you recommend?
• Once I identify a donor what should I do?
• How many vials should I order?

General Questions
• Can/should I wait till I lose more weight to start? If yes, how much would you recommend I weight before starting the process?
• What medications do I need to stop taking and how far in advance should I stop taking them?
• What do I need to do to prepare to get pregnant (i.e., prenatal vitamins, vaccinations)?
• Do you recommend any alternative therapies like acupuncture?
• Is there a person I can talk to/email if I have questions between appointments?
• What are your hours?


hopefulcc said...

such great questions! You have clearly done a lot of research and are very prepared---all of which is going to save you time.
One thing I'd clarify re: the office hours. Be sure they do IUIs 7 days a week - because as we know, ovulation happens any day of the week, including holidays :)

and always remember, you are your biggest advocate. Good luck!

Faith said...

Excellent point hopefullcc! I will be sure to change that question before I go in. Thanks for the help.

Tiara said...

Wow! You were WAY more prepared than I was!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for posting these questions. I have my first appointment with a fertility specialist next week and this will really help! Good luck on your journey!

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