Saturday, September 18, 2010


Yesterday was my HSG.  I was late getting there because I got lost (I don’t have GPS), but luckily they still took me.  The procedure itself was over in 5 minutes.  The doctor walked me through everything.  It hurt a little when he put the speculum in and I could see where some women have cramping when they insert the catheter.  Overall though, it wasn’t bad.  Once it was over the doctor told me that my tubes are clear (good news), but that it looks like I have a uterine polyp (not so good news).  He said that my doctor (Dr. T) will have to decide how to proceed next, but that I shouldn’t worry.  I got a call from Dr. T’s nurse a couple of hours later to tell me that Dr. T wants me to have a saline sonogram done so they can investigate it more.  Not a big deal till I learned it cost $1145.  I talked to the financial counselor there and learned it was actually covered by my insurance because it is considered an anomaly.  I can’t even begin to express how happy that made me yesterday.  For a brief moment, when I thought it wasn’t covered, I questioned if I should move ahead with all of it or quit while I was ahead.  Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about it now.

Couple of people have asked me about my next steps.  As of now, the next step is to have the saline sonogram which can’t happen until CD 5 – CD 10 of my next cycle (mid October).  I suspect that I will have to have another procedure after that called a hysteroscopy (I believe).  Does anyone know if that is performed on a certain CD?  Right now I have my next RE appointment scheduled for October 26th to discuss my results.  I will probably have to push that back if I have to have the hysteroscopy and it can’t be performed before my appointment.  I’m crossing my fingers the timing works out because she is booked a month in advance for follow up appointments.  If, after everything, she gives me the all clear then I will wait till January to start so that I can use my flexible spending account to cover some of the cost. 

I have been on this journey now since August and I have learned one very important thing and that is that things don’t move very fast.  By that I mean, you can’t go into the baby making endeavor and expect that it will happen tomorrow cause it won’t.  Everything is based on when AF arrives, which means there is a lot of waiting around.  Many, if not all, the tests can only be performed during a certain number of CDs, so if you miss that window of time you have to wait till the next month.  Bottom line, it’s a waiting game.   

Cost today: $690 (HSG)
Cost to date: $1415


Single Mom 2b said...

Hurry up and wait is the name of the game. There will be times when things happen quickly - and then in a moment - it's back to waiting again.

Celebrate that your tubes are clear!!!

I did have the HSG and the Hysteroscopy back in May. My Dr (also Dr T) saw my uterine polyp in my initial U/S back in April so we went ahead and scheduled the surgery for early in my next cycle. I had the HSG 2 days before surgery to verify my tubes were open, otherwise we would have added the laproscopocy (sp?) to the hysteroscopy already scheduled.

I was able to start my first IUI cycle the next month (June). Good luck!!

Shannon said...

Glad your HSG experience wasn't too bad! I hope the rest of all this goes quickly and smoothly and you're able to start TTC when January rolls around. I used my flex spending dollars, too - they lasted me through most of three cycles, which isn't too bad.

Selkie Mom said...

I think I had the hysteroscopy a week after the saline sonogram. I don't remember it having to to be any special day other than AF had to be done. It was pretty cool to see the inside of the uterus looks huge on the screen.

The Baby Chase Project said...

I hope you are doing okay. It is a long process but you have to take it one day at a time. It may be long but you are doing it the right way.

hopefulcc said...

So, so true... with all the waiting around, I've learned a new appreciation for patience.
Glad to hear your HSG wasn't too painful AND they're going to cover your hysteroscopy - every little bit helps.

Tiara said...

Yes, the waiting is one thing I wasn't prepared for! There is SO. MUCH. WAITING!!!

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