Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today is my Friday

Before I get into why it's my friday I just wanted to say thank you to all who commented on my Depression post.  Your words were so encouraging and I am grateful for your kind words.

Now on to the subject of this post.  Today is my Friday.  Why?  Because I'm going on vacation!  It's the first one I've been on in over four years so it's long over due.  It's not a long vacation.  I'lll only be gone 3 nights and 4 days, but hey I'm going on vacation.  Where am I going you ask?  To the beach and I'm going with my parents.  I love my parents.  Granted they drive me nuts when they stay with me, but overall I am one lucky kid to have the parents I do.  You know what the most exciting part of the vacation is for me?  No, not the beach itself or the taffy candy.  I am getting my own room!  Yes I know, that sounds lame, but I'm excited none the less.  On past vacations with my parents I would share the room with them, but this time I wanted to live large and go at it alone.  Yes, I'm almost 40 and I finally decide to get my own room.  I feel so grown up.  

When I'm not basking in the glory of my room I will be enjoying the sound of the waves hitting the beach, the smell of the ocean and the cool breeze that continuously blows.  I can't wait. 


Tiara said...

Have a fantastic vacation!!

Single Mom 2b said...

Yay for you!! Being single and close to 40 I understand what you are describing regarding your relationship with your parents. But sharing a room would be too much for me. Enjoy your own space at the beach!!!

missing1 said...

Enjoy the holiday!! Am jealous of your beach time! Hope you have great weather, and a nice, solitary room with a wonderful view!

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